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All work, services and communication is delivered via our online platform as well as to the email address you used to sign up with. If you wish to contact us at any time during the month you can login to your account and submit a new support request or email us at support [at]

We complete all work as fast as we can. On average we get work done in less than a day, often much faster. If you request work over the weekend we’ll usually complete it on Monday unless we believe it to be urgent.

In our unlimited plan we provide you with unlimited 30 minute jobs, this is not a trick or a joke. We act fairly and we find our customers act fairly too. We support a reasonable number of job requests each month and will let you know if we think you’re sending an unreasonable number of requests (though in practice we’ve never needed to tell anyone this). You’ll also be surprised what kinds of work we can get done in 30 minutes. If you’re unsure if your job fits within 30 minutes then take a look at kind of tasks can we help with on our homepage or reach out to us via our online platform or email and we’ll let you know.

We are 100% focused on helping those with WordPress websites of all shapes and sizes including personal websites, small business websites, large scale websites, membership, WooCommerce/eCommerce and eLearning sites. Our team has over 10 years of programming experience working on all types of WordPress sites.

We are headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Our team of WordPress experts has over 10 years of experience focused on WordPress development. We’ve worked on hundreds of websites and have seen almost all types of configurations big and small, from eCommerce sites with 10,000+ products to local SEO driven businesses, we’ve seen it and worked through it.

During sign up we will ask you to provide administrator access to your WordPress website and website hosting (sometimes called your cPanel). These details are required so we can work on your website. We take security very seriously and we encrypt all login details the moment before they touch our server and then delete your login details from our server once we move them to our secure and encrypted internal password system. In short this means we’ve tried to make it as safe as we can to provide your login details to us. We can also accept login details over the phone if you prefer, just contact us to let us know if you wish to do this at support [at]

We work with a wide variety of website hosts and know how to spot a good website hosting company. If you are experiencing problems with your current website host or need to get a website host then we can always help recommend a reliable local host that has 24/7 local support and a friendly and enthusiastic team.

We do not provide SEO services because we are 100% focused on being the best WordPress development team. However we can help with optimising the on-page technical SEO of your website if you advise us of the keywords you are targeting. We also see a lot of SEO work done to our customer’s websites and we have learned to spot good SEO work so we are always happy to recommend world-class SEO experts that we have seen deliver amazing work. We can also help make recommendations regarding SEO tools within WordPress and help you set those tools up on your website.

Yes! We can help with larger projects and redesigns. We generally suggest you start off by purchasing our “Standard” plan and contacting us about your needs. After we have had a chat about your needs you can purchase extra support hours in blocks at discounted prices to complete your project. Any unused time will remain on your account and can be used for up to 3 months after your project is completed for any extra work, small fixes or support you need.

Yes! You can change plans or request to cancel any time by logging into our online platform and using the account management function. There are no lock in contracts and all of our plans are month to month, which means you can cancel any time before the start of your next billing cycle and we wont charge you for that next cycle. We also have no hidden fees or overages. You can see a list of everything that is included in each plan on our pricing page.

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