Safe WordPress Website Updates

Regular and safe website updates can help your website run faster and with less errors or compatibility problems, plus you get access to the latest features that WordPress has to offer.

Maintain your website security and compatibility by keeping up to date with your website’s updates

An important aspect of owning a WordPress website is making sure you stay on top of the regular software updates available for your website.

Website owners often ask us questions like “why do I need to run updates?” Or “can I skip some website updates?”

The answer is simple: you must maintain regular updates to your website. The main reason for this is because plugin and theme developers often patch security vulnerabilities in their code, if your website uses these plugins or code then you will need to update your website code to make sure your website stays safe and secure and compatible with the latest WordPress features to avoid security issues and errors on your website.

Importantly, these tasks are the responsibility of each individual website owner.

And yes, you can login to your website and run website updates by clicking the update button inside WordPress, but this is the unsafe way of running website updates and it can introduce new errors or issues with your website because some of your website code conflicts with older existing code.

If you have reached this far you might think this all sounds daunting and a bit of a headache. But it is important to know there are safe ways to run website updates and these usually include tasks like taking a full website backup, screenshots of key pages and a technical post update review of your website. This process can be complex which is why WP Runner‘s low cost website support plans exist to help you navigate these issues by running safe updates for you to ensure that your website is correctly updated without any problems.

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How does our safe update service work?

Our safe WordPress update service is designed to ensure that your website remains intact and functional, even as it undergoes necessary updates.

The process begins with a thorough backup of your current site, capturing every detail so that, in the instance something doesn’t align perfectly, we can restore it to its previous state. Once backed up, our team, armed with the latest knowledge of common plugin issues, initiate the update (either done in a staging environment at your request or with safe rollback enabled in our advanced update tooling).

After applying the updates, a comprehensive check is conducted to ensure that every feature, plugin, and theme is compatible and working harmoniously. We rigorously test the core parts of your website, ensuring that the updated site offers a usable user experience. Once we’re satisfied that the update meets our standards, we sign off on the changes and send to you for a final review.

Throughout this process, our priority remains to minimise downtime and ensure a seamless transition, ensuring that your visitors continue to enjoy a top-notch browsing experience, while you benefit from the latest WordPress features and security enhancements.

Website updates process

Common questions about safe WordPress website updates


Why are safe WordPress website updates essential?

Safe updates prevent potential website errors, compatibility issues and breakdowns, ensuring your website remains functional and retains its user experience and after updating plugins, themes, or the WordPress core.

How often should I update my WordPress website?

It's advisable to perform updates as soon as they're available to benefit from the latest features and security patches. But we also recommend you also always ensure you're following safe update procedures.


Is it safe to use auto-updates for WordPress?

While WordPress auto-updates are convenient, they don't allow for testing in a controlled environment first. It is much safer to manually oversee website updates in a safe and controlled way to make sure no issues arise with the functionality of your website after running the updates.


Do safe updates prevent all website issues?

While safe updates significantly reduce risks, no process is 100% foolproof. Issues can arise from rare incompatibilities or unexpected bugs in new software versions. This is why it is important to have a team on your side to look into these issues Contact us to discuss with our friendly team.

What does unlimited website support mean?

Our support plans include unlimited website support tasks. This is not a trick, our plans allow you to send unlimited tasks with very few limitations such as the size of the task or number of open at one time.

Can I try your service?

Yes! We offer a 7 day moneyback guarantee so you can try our service and if you're not satisfied we'll refund your initial payment, no questions asked. There are also no lock in contracts or hidden fees for using our service.

Safe website updates for business

How does a safe website update service benefit my business?

  1. Enhanced Security: Safe update services diligently patch vulnerabilities in your website, fortifying it against potential hacks, malware, and other cyber threats.
  2. Minimised Downtime: By testing updates in a staging environment first, these services ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions, keeping your online business accessible to customers.
  3. Cost-Efficient: By preventing potential update conflicts and issues, safe update services can save businesses from costly repairs and damage control.
  4. Peace of Mind: Entrusting professionals with updates lets business owners focus on their core operations, confident that the technical side of their online presence is in expert hands
  5. Data Protection: With regular backups as a part of the update process, businesses have a safety net against data loss, ensuring their valuable content and customer information remains intact

Our team can implement these updates on your behalf to help protect your website from unexpected issues all for an affordable cost.

What people are saying about our website support

WP Runner customer Menai District Toastmasters

“Having submitted a number of tasks, the response time and action taken was within day and some more complex issues were completed within 24 hours. I and the Menai District Toastmasters club membership are extremely pleased with the support and professional service provided by WP Runner.”

Ron Alexander
Menai District Toastmasters

WP Runner customer Knead Massage

I’ve been with WP Runner for the past couple of years and it is the best investment in terms of support for my business. I don’t have the time to learn WordPress, and with them I don’t need to. Whenever I need something changed or updated I just send off an email and it is done quickly and effectively. They do something in 10 minutes that would take me 5 times longer with more frustration and less results.

Nola Welling
Knead Massage & Natural Therapies

WP Runner customer 52 Brews

“WP Runner has been a great partner. They are responsive, friendly and flexible. Their subscription package provides great value for a small business without internal dev resources. Highly recommend!”

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? Below are some answers to common questions we are asked. Have a question that is not on this list? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer.

If you’ve employed safe update practices, restoring your site from a backup will revert it to its prior state and you or your web support team can diagnose what went wrong with the update and try again once the issue is resolved.

Absolutely! Plugins and themes can have vulnerabilities just like the core software. Regularly updating them ensures your website remains secure and functions efficiently.

At the moment we are 100% focused on helping those with WordPress websites of all shapes and sizes including personal websites, small business websites, large scale websites, membership, WooCommerce/eCommerce and eLearning websites. Our team has over a decade of programming experience working on and integrating with all types of WordPress sites.

All work, services and communication is delivered via our online platform as well as to the email address you used to sign up with. If you wish to contact us at any time during the month you can login to your account and submit a new support request or email us at support [at] all work, services and communication is delivered via our online platform as well as to the email address you used to sign up with. If you wish to contact us at any time during the month you can login to your account and submit a new support request or email us at support [at]

During sign up we will ask you to provide administrator access to your website and website hosting (sometimes called your cPanel). These details are required so we can work on your website. We take security very seriously and we encrypt all login details the moment before they touch our server and then delete your login details from our server once we move them to our secure and encrypted internal password system. In short this means we’ve tried to make it as safe as we can to provide your login details to us. We can also accept login details over the phone if you prefer, just contact us to let us know if you wish to do this at support [at]

Why our safe updates and unlimited website support helps you grow your business

WP Runner is more than just a friendly Australian-based WordPress support business. We’re a team of website experts with over 10 years of experience developing and managing online businesses. Our team will get to know your website’s code and take ownership over the work we deliver.

Our safe updates service ensures that your business’s online portal remains functional, efficient, and fortified against the ever-evolving cyber threats. By adopting a meticulous approach, we not only preserve the integrity of your website during updates but also enhance its performance and features, ensuring a seamless and improved user experience for your clients and prospects.

Having unlimited website support means that any hitches or requirements are addressed promptly, be it introducing new features, optimising load speeds, or ensuring safe updates and compatibility across browsers. With us in your corner, you’re not just getting website maintenance; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to propelling your business forward. It’s like having an in-house team of experts without the overheads, helping you focus on what you do best – running your business.

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