Affordable Small Business Website Packages

Get a professional online presence and attract new customers with a new or redesigned website using our affordable small business website Packages.

What Should a Small Business Website Package Include?

A small business website package is a comprehensive solution designed to help small business owners establish a professional online presence and attract new customers. These packages include a variety of key components and features to ensure that businesses can create and manage their websites easily and effectively.

Types of Packages Available for Small Businesses

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of website design packages. The first is the upfront plan for businesses where the work is done in one big project, the second approach is a month to month ongoing website support package for those looking for a more agile back and forth process which is more similar to having a temporary in-house developer do the website build. Below is an explanation of how these two approaches work here at WP Runner:

Small business website packages introduction

Types of Small Business Website Packages for your WordPress website

There are two types of packages available each designed to provide a different workflow.

1. WP Runner One Time (Upfront) Website Design Package

A one time project is the perfect solution for small businesses looking for an affordable and custom website design, only paying for the upfront cost (split into 2 milestones).

Here at WP Runner, we offer tailored website design at a price point that fits your budget, each proposal is custom made for your business with only the essential items. You can think of this as our basic plan and most simple approach.

In a one time project, our team of developers and designers will work closely with you to create a custom WordPress design that aligns with your business goals and brand identity. We understand that every business is unique, and we want to ensure that your website reflects that.

During this build we’ll hand craft the necessary page templates for you, ensuring that your website is unique and stands out from the competition.

Don’t let limited resources hold your business back. With our upfront website design package you can enjoy an affordable price for a custom WordPress design that perfectly fits your business needs.

To find out more about this package you can apply for a website build request to kick off the consultation process.

2. WP Runner Month to Month (Ongoing) Website Design Package

If you prefer to go for a more agile and fluid approach to building your website you can go with our premium month to month Website Support Package, specifically designed for small businesses looking for an affordable and convenient option to build their website at a low monthly cost. With this package, we provide ongoing and continuous development assistance, allowing you to focus on running your business while we build your new website on a staging server.

The biggest difference with this approach is that we’ll be working on your website in a steady weekly rhythm which is a great approach for iterating on a website design to bring it to the highest levels of quality at a low monthly cost. We understand that small businesses often have limited budgets, which is why we offer a smaller upfront cost in this approach. This means you can get started with a professionally designed website without breaking the bank.

You’ll enjoy the advantage of being able to change your website design during the life of the project, which is the most agile and flexible approach to website development. 

Additionally, our package includes all the same good features from the one time upfront package that you need to create a powerful online presence. From a custom design tailored to your brand to a range of built-in SEO tools, we’ve got you covered.

The Essential Features of a Good Small Business Website Package

A WordPress small business website package plan should be comprehensive enough to help website owners maintain and grow their online presence including:

Unlimited WordPress edits

1. Affordable Expert Website Design and Development

Crafting a good online presence for a small business requires more than just pixels on a screen; it’s about resonating with the unique qualities of your brand. Our tailored WordPress packages blend affordability with the art of quality digital design, ensuring you make an investment that maximizes returns.

Experience matters and with our decades in the trenches we build digital experiences that will resonate with our customers. Whether you seek a simple storefront to showcase your offerings or a sophisticated hub thriving with custom integrations, our expert team turns your vision into a reality.

Don’t settle for a generic website builder when you can have affordable expert website design and development services catered to your business goals. Contact us to learn how we can help create a custom WordPress website that will set your small business apart from the competition.

2. Future Proof Page Design and Editing Tools

Our small business website package includes the use of industry standard drag-and-drop website builder editing tools to make it easy for business owners to manage and update their websites without any coding knowledge.

We always set up user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder tools so you can make simple edits like changing text or adding photos with just a few clicks. These tools also allow for more advanced changes, such as building galleries to showcase products or creating forms to collect customer information.

The most popular website builders that enable the drag and drop builder experience are Elementor, Divi and the default WordPress page builder. All of these can be used as a simple website builder and also offer advanced functionality when needed.

The main goal is to ensure the editing experience is intuitive and hassle-free so you can simply drag and drop elements onto the pages, rearrange them, and customize them to suit your needs with complete control and a real-time preview, allowing you to see exactly how your changes will look before publishing them.

Our future-proof page design ensures that websites will stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies. This means that even as new features and functionalities are introduced, you can easily incorporate them into your websites without the need for complex coding or expensive upgrades, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about your website.

Design and editing tools
Technical search optimization

3. Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in enhancing the visibility and organic ranking of small business websites. It involves optimizing the technical aspects of a website to improve its crawlability, indexability, and overall performance of your custom domain in search engine rankings.

By focusing on technical SEO factors during the website design process small business websites can enhance their SEO friendliness, resulting in higher organic traffic and better business listings on search engines. This in turn, helps drive more targeted traffic and potential customers to the website, ultimately contributing to the business’s growth and success online.

4. Booking and eCommerce Functionality To Sell Your Products (Optional)

Our small business website package can be used to add eCommerce functionality to help your businesses sell their products and services online. We create an online store or booking page so you can start generating revenue. We recommend using WooCommerce because it is the most popular and robust ecommerce platform used by the vast majority of WordPress websites.

Customers will have the ability to browse through your shop and product pages to find what they are looking for. Once they have made their selection, they can add items to their cart.

The check-out process is simple and streamlined, allowing customers to purchase products with Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, Afterpay and more with ease. They can enter their credit card or other payment information and complete the transaction in just a few clicks.

Lastly, for businesses that also sell products in person, the packages can provide the ability to sync inventory and customer data.

WordPress website performance and conversion optimisation

5. Google Analytics Setup

Setting up Google Analytics for a small business website is crucial for gaining valuable insights into website traffic and user behavior. By implementing this powerful tool, business owners can track and analyze various metrics that can greatly impact their online performance.

Tracking website metrics like conversion rate is essential for gaining valuable insights into website traffic and user behavior. By tracking metrics and analyzing data, businesses can make informed decisions and optimize their website for greater success. That’s why we offer an analytics setup as part of our website build packages, this account will have unlimited storage of your analytics data and events.

6. Complimentary Website Training

We also offer website training specifically tailored for business owners as part of our website builds to allow you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make updates and additions to their websites on their own and empowers you to have full control over your online presence, without the need to constantly rely on external assistance.

With our business website training, business owners from any industry or business type can understand how different website elements work, such as updating content, adding new pages, or integrating new features. You will learn best practices for managing your website effectively, ensuring that it remains optimized for search engines and user-friendly for visitors.

By using our tailored online training businesses can save time and money, as you no longer need to outsource every website update or adjustment. They can make small changes on the fly and have the confidence to manage their online presence independently.

Website responsive design

7. Mobile Friendly Website Design

In today’s digital age, having a mobile-friendly small business website is more important than ever. With the increasing number of people using mobile devices to access the internet, it is essential that your website is optimized to provide a seamless user experience across all devices.

A mobile-friendly website ensures that your business is accessible to potential customers on the go or when people Google your business. It allows customers to easily browse your products or services, read your content and make contact or purchase decisions from their smartphones or tablets. By providing a responsive design that adjusts to different screen sizes, your website can accommodate the needs of users no matter what device they are using.

8. Site Backup

The key advantage of having site backup set up during your website build is the ability to easily restore your website in the event of an unforeseen issue or error. Whether you accidentally delete important files or experience a website crash, a backup allows you to quickly revert to a previous version and get your website back up and running smoothly.

Furthermore, site backup acts as a form of insurance against editing mistakes. Sometimes, while making updates or modifications to your website, you may unintentionally introduce errors or glitches that impact its functionality. With a backup in place, you can easily revert to a previous version before the mistake occurred, helping you avoid any prolonged downtime or negative impact on your business.

WP Runner team performing a website backup
Website uptime monitoring

9. Post Go-Live Support and Beyond

In addition to the valuable features already mentioned, our small business website package includes top-notch post go-live support and a range of additional services to ensure your website stays up and running smoothly.

You’ll have the benefit of a dedicated team of website experts who are ready to provide hands-on support whenever you need it after your website is live on your custom domain name. Gone are the days of navigating complicated technical issues alone. Our team is here to assist you with any challenges you may face, offering fast turnaround times to minimize any disruptions to your business.

We understand the importance of ongoing support, which is why we offer support upon the launch of your website. During this time, you can rely on us to address any technical concerns or make necessary adjustments to fine-tune your website’s performance.

For continued support beyond the initial launch of your website, we offer optional monthly maintenance packages starting at low prices. These packages provide peace of mind, knowing that you have professional assistance available whenever you need it. Whether you require content updates, feature enhancements, or general website maintenance, our team is here to ensure your website remains up-to-date and optimized for success.

WP Runner WordPress Support Plans

Ongoing affordable website help that you can use to scope out your new website project. No lock-in contracts. Cancel anytime.

What WP Runner Customers say

Benefits of a Small Business Website Package

Having a small business website package offers numerous benefits for business owners. Firstly, it provides advanced features and functionalities that allow businesses to create a professional online presence. With creative control and complete customization through custom layouts and templates and integrating these templates into a drag-and-drop builder, businesses can effectively establish a top notch website to suit their brand and attract potential customers.

Flexibility for Your Business Website

Having a flexible website means you will have creative control and the freedom to make quick and easy updates to your website. Whether it’s adding new content, changing layouts, or updating images, a flexible website ensures that these adjustments can be made without the need for extensive coding or technical expertise. This allows businesses to stay relevant and provide a fresh and engaging user experience.

Website packages that offer customizable templates further enhances flexibility. Small businesses get professionally designed page templates and can customize them to suit their branding and unique requirements. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the website reflects the business’s identity and goals.

Growing Your Business Online

A Comprehensive website package will give you a range of tools and powerful features that can drive traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings, increase engagement, and generate leads.

For example our package includes built-in SEO tools, such as custom meta tags and URL optimization, to help optimize your website for search engines. This can result in higher organic rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find your business online.

To engage your audience, the package may include features like drag-and-drop editors and customizable templates. These tools allow you to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that match your brand’s identity.

Additionally, the package should provide analytics and tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, to help you understand your website’s performance. This data can give you insights into visitor behavior, demographics, and preferences, enabling you to make informed decisions to further improve your website’s effectiveness.

With the right tools and features, you can drive traffic, improve search engine rankings, increase engagement, and generate valuable leads for your small business.

Website security protection and analysis

Costly Website Development Mistakes You Need To Avoid

When it comes to developing a website for your small business, it’s crucial to avoid costly mistakes that can hinder its success. A well-designed and user-friendly website can make a significant impact on your online presence and customer engagement. However, making mistakes during the development process can result in wasted time, money, and missed opportunities. By understanding these pitfalls and implementing best practices, you can ensure your website is ready for success.

1. Unreliable Developers Causing Long Term Issues

Unreliable developers can cause significant issues during the design and development of your website. These issues can result in wasted time and money, project delays, and even the potential need to rebuild the entire website.

For example, deliverables may not meet expectations, leading to frustration and additional costs to fix or redo work particularly when the developer is writing unnecessary custom code. Project timelines may be extended, causing delays in launching the website and hindering progress towards business goals.

It stems from the fact that unreliable developers may lack the necessary skills to create a functional and visually appealing website, resulting in a poor user experience. This can have long-term consequences for a business, as potential customers may be deterred from engaging with the website and seeking out competitors instead.

To mitigate these risks, it is crucial for small business owners to select a team of web developers with a proven track record. Making sure your development team has worked with hundreds of happy customers, reviewing portfolios and previous customer feedback can help ensure the developer’s competence and reliability.

Small business owners must be cautious when selecting website developers to avoid long-term issues. Investing the time and effort into finding a reliable and skilled developer can save businesses from wasted resources, delays, and the need to start from scratch.

Web developer phone
Website performance issue

2. Slow Website Response Times

When it comes to website development, speed matters. Today’s online users have become increasingly impatient, expecting instant access to information and services. Slow development can lead to prolonged project timelines, delaying the launch of the website and hindering progress towards business goals.

Website response times play a crucial role in shaping visitor satisfaction. Research shows that even a one-second delay can result in a significant drop in user engagement. Visitors are more likely to abandon a website if they experience slow loading times, frustrated by their browsing experience. This can have a detrimental effect on a small business’s reputation and online presence.

Potential customers may be deterred from making a purchase or taking desired actions on a website that takes too long to load. This can result in missed business opportunities and potential revenue loss.

That’s why WP Runner build performance optimisation into our website builds as a specific stage of development in order to ensure a positive user experience and maximize conversion rates. We recommend you choose a website package that prioritizes performance optimisation. By partnering with a reputable provider that understands the importance of speed, small businesses can enhance visitor satisfaction, boost engagement, and drive their online success.

3. Short Term Design and Development Decisions

When creating a small business website package, there are many important design and development decisions that need to be made. These decisions often revolve around balancing the need for quick development with the desire to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website.

One important consideration is having a basic plan for your website by choosing the right design templates and layouts that align with the business’s branding and target audience. While it may be tempting to opt for pre-designed templates for quick implementation, it is important to evaluate if these templates reflect your business’s unique identity and goals. Working with a developer and customizing the design elements can help create a more tailored and attractive website with better long term value.

Another decision is selecting the essential features and functionality for the website. It is important to prioritize features that are critical to the business’s operations and align with its long-term goals. This may include features like a contact form, product listings or an appointment booking system. By focusing on necessary features first, it allows for quicker development and launch, while still meeting the immediate needs of the business.

A short-term decision that may negatively impact the website’s functionality and growth is rushing the development process without considering scalability and future expansion.

Website design plan
Website design budget

4. Over Budget and Held Hostage on your Website

Being held hostage by a developer can limit your business’s control over its own website. This can result in unexpected and recurring costs. The developer may charge additional fees for any updates or changes made to the website, resulting in ongoing expenses that may strain the business’s financial resources. Going over budget and then being held hostage during the website development process can have significant consequences and long-term impacts for your business. To prevent this situation, it is essential to agree on a website package in writing up front (which is what we do here at WP Runner) with a fixed price or fixed monthly cost set from the start. With our website development services we outline all costs up front and provide a clear plan and roadmap for you at the start of the project so there are no hidden surprises, this is because our reputation depends on happy customers providing referrals so we take this issue very seriously. Establishing clear communication channels and project milestones can also help keep the development process on track and minimize delays. By taking these precautions, small businesses can avoid going over budget and being held hostage during the website development process, ensuring they have full control over their website and avoiding the long-term impacts that arise from this situation.

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There aren’t any extra fees associated with your WordPress support. We offer our support plans for a flat rate each month. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees for things like changes to scope, updates, backups, security and other essential services.

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When it comes to building a website using WordPress, the answer is yes—you will need a web hosting service. Website hosting is an essential part of having a successful website, as it allows your site to be available on the internet 24/7. Without web hosting, no one can access or view your WordPress website. You are welcome to continue to use your current hosting or if you need help selecting a hosting provider we can help suggest some affordable website hosting and help you migrate your website.

When it comes to working with a WordPress development team, you should expect them to provide a high level of expertise in website design and development. The team should be knowledgeable in all aspects of the platform, from installation and customization to theme and plugin selection. Additionally, they should be able to work with you to create an personalised solutions that fits your requirements.

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