11 Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins 2024

Last updated February 8, 2024
WordPress coupon codes

We all love a bargain and when we offer our customers a coupon code for our website we are offering an irresistible invitation to join our inner circle. Coupon codes use the psychological magic power of giving to influence people to make snappier purchasing decisions.

Just view your favourite eCommerce or WooCommerce websites and you will see how popular coupons and discounts are. It’s a no brainer! WordPress coupon codes have never been easier to implement and can be a huge advantage to your company with the potential to shake new customers off the fence and into your friendly customer community.

Coupon codes don’t just help with getting new clients though. They can inspire extra existing customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is a two way street. By giving a coupon to your customers you are giving them something special in return for their continued loyalty.

The next step is to implement coupons into your online store Giving your customers exactly what they are looking for. They save money and their loyalty will follow.

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Why are WordPress coupon codes such a big deal?

Because they are great for your customers and your business growth rate! The customer gets what they want at a discount and you get to induct someone into your customer community. You can then promote further discounts and or new products to them. It is a win win situation.

Statistics on coupon codes:

  • By 2022, digital coupon redemptions are set to total $91 billion (Juniper Research)
  • Worldwide, 31 billion eCoupons are expected to be redeemed by 2019 (Statista)
  • Globally, the mobile coupons industry is slated to grow by 56.5% by 2025 (Orian Research)
WordPress coupons funny gif

We all want to save, it makes us feel good. We love to win! The statistics clearly show that people are wanting to cash in discounts online. They also show people love to save, put that together and you have a pressing need to find a new coupon code plugin. Never fear! We have collected the best plugins into a list for you.

Sure WooCommerce, the world’s most popular eCommerce platform does have the ability to set up and use coupons but the functionality is so basic that if you want to do anything slightly complicated you’ll need a dedicated plugin (like the below) or some customisations coded up by a developer.

2020 is shaping up as another year of cutting back and trimming down. Offering quality discounts is a great way to ensure customer acquisition, loyalty and satisfaction in the long term. It shows you are treating your customers as insiders

Discover our pick of the best premium and free coupon plugins for WordPress

1. Smart Coupons

Smart coupons plugin

We love this plugin for so many reasons. It is a completely self-managed WordPress/WooCommerce coupon solution created by StoreApps, a WooCommerce official extension developer sold and marketed through the official WooCommerce website.

With thousands of plugins for WordPress it can be hard to find ones that are well made and supported that is why is it always good to choose an officially promoted plugin like this one.

Smart coupons discounts demonstration

Features of the Smart Coupons plugin that we love:

  • Give your customers a coupon after purchasing a product
  • Customise and create nice looking coupon designs
  • Allow your customers to use coupons with one click – no more entering coupon codes
  • Allow your customers to have store credit that they can use later
  • Sell gift certificates
  • Coupons for subscription products
  • Bulk generate coupons

Price: $99 single site

Plugin page: https://woocommerce.com/products/smart-coupons/


  • A huge list of features
  • A complete coupon solution
  • Very highly rated with no 1 star reviews
  • Used by over 10,000 businesses and 5+ years of regular plugin support and updates


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Might be overkill for some people’s needs, powerful but not necessarily a simple solution

2. Coupon Creator Pro

Coupon creator pro

Coupon Creator Pro is one of the more established WordPress coupon code plugins with over 120,000 downloads at the time of writing. The plugin is fairly well maintained with a pro version that packs a few much needed extra features.

In terms of the design, you are able to make your coupons look how you want to work with your business with a choice of borders.

The free version works well enough but if you want affiliate link click to reveal and expiring coupons you’ll need to fork out $34 for the pro licence.

The Coupon Creator Pro really lives up to its name. You Create a very professional Coupon! Great asset to any business in this bargain obsessed world.

Coupon creator pro benefits

Features and Benefits of Coupon Creator Pro

  • Add an expiration date so you can add a start and end date to the coupon. Use the visual editor to edit your coupon super easily
  • You are able to display the Print View in a popup. That way you can print any coupons directly from the popup
  • Your Google Analytics Code can be added to the print template from the coupon options
  • Embed anywhere with a shortcode
  • Pro feature: click to reveal coupons that can auto-add affiliate links
  • Pro feature: recurring expiration – for example have your coupon set to expire on the 1st of the month and it will automatically renew on the expiry date or as chosen.

Price: $34 with a limited free version

Pro plugin page: https://couponcreatorplugin.com/

Free plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-creator/

Coupon discount percentage


  • Works very well with Woocommerce
  • Has been designed to transform a basic site into a fully functional coupon site
  • Easy to use and easy to customise for your individual customers


  • The user interface and default designs of the coupons is not as nice as some of the other options here
  • Many of the key features are in the premium version only

3. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount rules for WooCommerce plugin

If you are looking for something that gives your standard WooCommerce coupons superpowers then look no further!

The Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin provides a bunch of extra options that WooCommerce does not have out of the box including category discounts, buy one get one free and dynamic discounts.

WordPress coupon discount

Features of the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin that we love:

  • Show discount tables on product pages
  • Offer buy one get one free and other niche or dynamic discounts including super specific cart discounts by percentage or by item number
  • Sale badges for products
  • Category discounts or product exclusions from discounts
  • Role-based discounts
  • Customer and/or purchase history specific discounts e.g. buy $1,000 worth of products and get a 10% discount

Price: $39 with a generous free version

Premium plugin page: https://www.flycart.org/products/wordpress/woocommerce-discount-rules

Free plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-discount-rules/


  • Popular plugin with over 10,000 active installs of the free plugin
  • The premium version is very affordable compared to other options
  • Should be able to take care of almost all discount needs
  • Regularly updated with a very high rating in the WordPress plugin store


  • An overwhelming amount of features if you just want to set up something simple
  • Lots of features does mean a lot of extra bloat to your website

4. Gift Up! Digital Gift Cards

Get Up Digital Gift Cards plugin

Offering gift cards doesn’t have to be a difficult process for you to manage. Gift Up! Digital Gift Cards helps you manage your cards via a separate online platform.

Gift Up! also integrates nicely with WooCommerce and is the perfect way to reduce website bloat and make it easier to manage gift cards as a standalone service.

Get Up Digital Gift Cards overview

Features of the Gift Up! Digital Gift Cards plugin that we love:

  • Works in store or online with their dedicated gift card application
  • Very fast payouts to help with cashflow
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Custom gift card amounts
  • Custom gift card designs or choose from a beautiful gift card design library
  • Hosted solution, reducing complexity for you
  • Integrates with WooCommerce

Price: $0 to get started however Gift Up! does take a 3.49% cut of your gift cards which you can include in the price of your card or pass along as an additional fee to your customers

Plugin page: https://www.giftupapp.com/


  • One of the most beautifully designed options
  • Very easy coupon and card management and easy on your website’s loading speed
  • Enough features to offer a range of coupon codes but not too complicated
  • Can be used in person as well as online
  • Very quick and easy to get started


  • Can be more expensive than other options due to the ongoing 3.49% fee for selling gift cards
  • Many people won’t like outsourcing control of a critical business function to a third party application

5. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups plugin

This is a unique entry to the list because Ninja Popups is essentially a popup plugin that helps deliver coupons to users. At its heart it allows you to show your customers perfectly timed coupon codes to entice users to buy at exactly the time they need it most.

Even better is the amazing conversion driven designs that come built into the plugin so you will no longer need to spend hours coding up a coupon deliver that you think maybe/kinda/sorta converts. You can let Ninja Popups do the work for you.

Ninja Popups plugin example

Features of the Ninja Popups plugin that we love:

  • Drag and drop editor for easy customisation
  • A ridiculous amount of professionally designed coupon delivery templates
  • Dozens of email marketing and social network integrations
  • Exit intent and other dynamic coupon code delivery options
  • Unlock coupons with social and email shares
  • WooCommerce compatible

Price: $26 with no free option

Plugin page: https://codecanyon.net/item/ninja-popups-for-wordpress/3476479


  • Easy to get started with an delivering well timed coupons to your customers and potential customers
  • 65+ templates that are conversion focused so no need to worry about design
  • Very affordable compared to other options on this list


  • Does not create coupons for you, you will need to use WooCommerce or another options to generate the actual coupon, this plugin only handles delivery of the coupon
  • Will add a lot of website bloat compared to a custom built solution

6. Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce plugin

This is a fairly old plugin with a very focused set of features that may work well for some people. Specifically this plugin is great for generating tens of thousands and up to 1 million coupons very quickly! This is something a lot of the other plugins don’t really do.

This plugin does require WooCommerce to work properly and aside from its main function it doesn’t have a lot of other extra features beyond the original WooCommerce coupon functionality.

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce example

Features of the Coupon Generator for WooCommerce plugin:

  • Generate up to 1 million coupon codes very quickly
  • Integrates and augments the basic WooCommerce coupon functionality

Price: free

Plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-generator-for-woocommerce/


  • Actively used by over 6,000 websites
  • A very focused plugin and therefore not a lot of extra code to slow down your website
  • Augments WooCommerce nicely


  • Doesn’t really do a lot other than one specific function
  • Has not been updated for 12 months

7. Magic WP Coupons

Magic WP Coupons plugin

Not everyone wants to offer coupon codes for products that they sell on their own website. With Magic WP Coupons you can offer coupons and affiliate links to other websites in an easy management area of your WordPress website.

The other good thing is this plugin is standalone so there is no need to install WooCommerce or another eCommerce plugin if you don’t have it already.

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Features of the Magic WP Coupons plugin:

  • Set up affiliate links and coupons super quickly and manage them easily in one place
  • Get customer feedback by allowing users to vote up or down coupons
  • Coupon click analytics
  • Easily customisable with designs and custom CSS

Price: free

Plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/magic-wp-coupons/


  • Does one simple function without all the extra features
  • Quick to set up and get going with


  • Somewhat old and clunky design
  • Has not been updated for over 12 months

8. Coupon Wheel

Coupon Wheel plugin

This plugin allows you to set up a “spin to win” discount where users can opt in to win a large discount on your website.

Coupon Wheel puts a very unique “spin” on the idea of coupon codes and makes the whole process much more interactive than your regular discount plugin.

Features of the Coupon Wheel plugin:

  • Offer a completed unique way of getting discounts
  • Exit-intent popup technology to capture users as they are leaving
  • Gamification of the discount process
  • Self-hosted and managed
  • Integrated with email lead capture software and Zapier
  • Anti-cheat mechanisms to stop multiple spins from one user
  • Integrates with WooCommerce

Price: $29 with no free version

Plugin page: https://codecanyon.net/item/coupon-wheel-for-woocommerce-and-wordpress/20949540


  • Mobile friendly
  • Compatible with cache plugins
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Works well with WooCommerce
  • High rating by users
  • Affordable price


  • May still be cheatable by users who really want to get that huge discount
  • Not all of your customers will love it and it could be considered off-brand for some companies

9. WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons plugin

If you are looking to only offer discounts based on the volume that a customer purchases then look no further! This plugin is focused entirely on augmenting your regular WooCommerce coupon functionality with volume discounts and does it in a very lean and lightweight way.

Features of the WooCommerce Volume Discounts Coupons plugin:

  • Offer volume discounts to users based on a purchase amount
  • Showcase those volume discounts on product pages
  • Integrates and works nicely with WooCommerce

Price: $29

Plugin page: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/5539403


  • Very focused plugin that does exactly what you need and nothing more
  • Works well with WooCommerce
  • Affordable price


  • Originally created back in 2013
  • No major update for almost 12 months

10. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro plugin

Offering gift cards is a great way to engage with your audience and get them loyally re-engaging with your business. Some people think of gift cards as an alternative to coupon codes, but they are essentially covering the same customer loyalty grounds.

In addition, many business now offer gift cards as incentives to users who buy frequently as a form of “in store credit”.

There are many options out there but the Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro plugin and the PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin (listed below) are both solid entries to this list.

Yith’s plugin is one of the most detailed and feature rich gift card plugins for WordPress and it is awesome for helping you offer digital and physical/printable gift cards that people can redeem in the future.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro checkout

Features of the YITH WooCommerce gift cards pro that we love:

  • Automatically send the gift card to the person after purchase
  • Gift cards can be customised with unique images and templates to showcase your brand
  • Set a minimum and maximum amount for customers to use on the gift card
  • Allow users to set their own custom gift card amounts
  • Integrate perfectly with WooCommerce, the most popular online eCommerce platform
  • Set an automatic expiration date based on the purchase date
  • So many more features, too many to list here but the above are some of our favourites

Price: $169.99 single site

There is also a free (lite) version with limited features. The free version is very basic only allowing you to create gift cards with a fixed amount.

Premium plugin page: https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-gift-cards/

Free plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-gift-cards/


  • Automatic gift card sending
  • Create cards with unique designs
  • Set automatic expiration dates
  • Import existing card numbers and balances
  • View a list of the gift cards used already and manage them like a regular product
  • Versatile plugin that should suit most business requirements


  • The cost is $169.99 which makes it one of the most expensive options out there
  • Other free or cheaper card plugins on the market that will do a similarly good job

11. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin

We are a huge fan of well made and supported plugins and PW WooCommerce Gift Cards certainly falls into that category.

At the time of writing the plugin had been update only 6 days earlier and the developers of the plugin show a clear love for their plugins that is reflected in the quality of the 5 star ratings they have.

For anyone wanting to offer discount coupons we highly recommend giving this plugin a shot.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin example

Features of the WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card plugin that we love:

  • Customers can specify amounts
  • Use WooCommerce email templates for a beautiful design
  • Can be used with the WooCommerce pre-orders plugin to offer a gift card coupon for pre-ordering a product
  • Solid analytics for website admins
  • Customer gift card balance page for easy customer management
  • Card expiry dates
  • Offer physical gift cards

Price: $49 with a solid free option

Free plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pw-woocommerce-gift-cards/

Premium plugin page: https://www.pimwick.com/gift-cards/


  • Super positive ratings with a 5 star rating from 55 reviews
  • Regularly updated with over 4,000 active users
  • Feature rich, has everything you would need to offer quality gift cards
  • Nice design and customisable
  • Quick and easy setup that integrates with WooCommerce


  • Most of the good features are locked behind the premium plugin
  • Admin management design isn’t as good as the customer experience design

How best to offer coupon codes on your website

Its important to remember that offering coupon codes on your website does not undervalue or undercut your service. A lot of business owners make the mistake of discounting too much and too early.

The trick is to only offer discounts when:

  1. You would have not already gained that customer from your regular pricing; or
  2. You are rewarding customer loyalty with a discount to entice them to spend more

If you are discounting as the only way to get a customer then you should really consider whether your product is hitting the mark with the type of customer you are marketing to.

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Last thoughts

There are some really amazing WordPress coupon code plugins out there, from the supercharged WooCommerce addons to the interesting and unique Coupon Wheel.

Discounting in general is a great way to give back to your customers. We encourage everyone not to be afraid to have fun with it!

Fun coupons for WordPress and WooCommerce gif

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